Things In Texting You Should Avoid

Technology developed nowadays has been helping many people finding their partners through online dating and messenger applications. It will increase your chance to find someone if you know the trick of texting a girl you like. If you are one of the people who are looking for a partner, of course, if someone approaches you, you will respond to her well to judge whether or not you fit like a pair of lovers. The process or approach will affect your success to be able to be with her. But sometimes, there is something is supposedly able to smooth the relationship, instead of making her uncomfortable with you and getting further away.

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At the beginning of the approach, you reply to her chat so intensely. But after a week later, you intentionally replied for a long time, with the hope she was increasingly curious about you. When she doesn’t contact you intensely, you call her first. Indeed, this way can make her curious. But if you keep this up, after a long time he will feel you are not serious and instead leave you. When someone approaches you and you feel comfortable with her, you will certainly respond to her with a welcome. But, because you are afraid of being called ‘easy’, you will deliberately avoid it every time she invites you to walk, or playing hard to get. She will think you are not interested and start looking for someone else.

Having hobbies and similarities with her will probably increasingly bring your relationship to a further level, which is dating. However, if you have some differences with her, don’t pretend you are ‘the same’ as her, when in fact you are different. For example, she likes to drink coffee, you also admit to like coffee (even though you don’t like it). Later when dating and you are honest that you don’t like it, she will be disappointed because you have lied to her. Just remember to be yourself and focus on the attraction itself rather than merely common interest.

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