There Are Things You Must Not Do When Your Rent A Car

Car rental can be an alternative for you who are reluctant to use public transportation. This can also be the right choice for people who cannot drive a car, because they can also hire a car driver. However, this does not mean you can be free to do anything about the car you rent. In this article, we will share with you information about things you should not do when you rent a car, especially if it’s an expensive, high-class car from the london based luxury car hire.

The following are things that should not be done when renting a car:

Do not have a driver’s license

This applies to you who want to rent a car, not with the driver. Keep in mind, each vehicle driver must have a Driving License. To drive a car, you must have a driver’s license to drive a car.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, make sure to drive with a driver’s license to drive a car. This is important so that you can drive properly and not endanger yourself or others. It’s because a Driving License is given after passing the Driving License test at the police facility.


The intended load can be a passenger or goods. Each type of car has its own capacity, so you do not use it beyond capacity because it can negatively affect the condition of the car.

In addition, the journey is also not comfortable. Indeed you are comfortable, for example riding a Toyota Agya whose capacity is only 4-5 people stuffed by 7 people, not including goods. Surely it will not be comfortable right?

Cars that are overloaded tend to be more wasteful in fuel consumption. Not only that, some components such as suspension and brake performance are not optimal. Well, if it’s not working optimally it could cause an accident.

Littering the rental car

Take care of the car as if it’s your own car. After you use it, there is a possibility that someone else will rent the car too. The trick is not to bother, you just need to keep it clean, especially in the cabin. Although it’s not forbidden to eat inside of the rented car, it’s good if your foods are not scattered in it.

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