There Are Some Early Stages In TV Ad Productions

Pre-Production Phase is the stage of all work and activities that occur before television commercials are actually produced. Good planning before it is produced can save money for television advertising. This is the main benefit of the pre-production stage. The first thing that must be considered at the pre-production stage by the producer is to study the script, storyboard and analyze the production techniques that will be applied in the production of television advertisements. In the meantime, if you want to hire experts who can improve your OOT ad, we suggest you hire some of the best ott advertising companies.

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The production techniques include “live-action”, animation and optical effects (special effects). To describe people and something similar to the real world, everyday situations, such as pieces of life in television commercials, a “live-action” technique is needed. If television commercials require live-action, the producer must consider whether the action is in a studio room, outside the studio or a location far from the studio.

Next is the production stage. Production is the process that most determines the success of the creation of a film. the process which in other words can be called shooting (shooting) is led by a director, the person most responsible for this process. people who take part in this process include cameramen or DOP (Director of Photography) which regulates light, color, and records images. Artistic that set the set, makeup, wardrobe and so forth. and Soundman that records sound. This stage is where almost all teamwork starts working. A director, producer or line producer is highly demanded his reliability to overcome the crew in each of these stages.

After that, in the post-production stage, the editing process is done simply, the editing process is an attempt to tidy up and make a film show more useful and enjoyable to watch. In this activity, an editor will reconstruct pieces of the picture taken by the cameraman.

Review of editing results After the film has been produced, the next activity is the screening of the film internally. Tools for movie playback can vary, can use a VCD or DVD player with a TV monitor, or with a PC (CD-ROM) projected using an LCD (Light Computer Display). This internal playback is useful for reviewing editing results.