3 Magic Tricks For Entrepreneurs

For some people, magic is not just entertainment. Even a well-known businessman said magic is an intellectual endeavor. Magic doesn’t only offer illusions, there are tons of tricks in it. Every magician is also required to continue to innovate so that the tricks remain interesting to see. From this, he can conclude that magic and innovation are close cousins. After seeing magic shows from the gold coast magician, he realized that there was a lot of compatibility between magic and innovation.

Among the many matches, there are three concepts of innovation that can be applied to the business world from his studies of magic.

The brain is not always trustworthy In innovating, sometimes the brain that we have is also often fooled. Often we make shortcuts to fill a gap, but the solutions we offer are not complete. Therefore, we must be absolutely sure when developing a new idea. We have to look at it from several points of view. Like what is missing? What assumptions did you make? Just like revealing, you need a different camera angle.

Starting with what doesn’t make sense When innovating, most of us will look for the most probable possibilities. Then, what can be learned from patterns of thinking like this? He mentioned, to get innovative solutions, an entrepreneur must ask some initial questions beforehand.

Some of these questions are: What would be an impossible solution? What is the worst solution? What attributes do you like about this crazy idea? How do you take advantage of and find unusual solutions?

Performances are as important as the method Anyone can innovate and even with the same ideas. However, the results may differ depending on how the person uses it.

New technology is a very good thing, but an entrepreneur must have the support of extraordinary people behind him. And keep in mind, the customer experience when using innovation that we use is as important as the innovation itself. On the other hand, technology is very easy to emulate by other competitors. However, the good performance of our company is very difficult to emulate.