5 Benefits Of Children Playing Dirty

Surely a mother would not allow her child to play in a dirty place with dirty clothes. However, it turns out playing in dirty places for children is not always bad. Exposure to various types of microbes from the soil can help children become stronger and resistant to disease magneto mini cruiser. Conversely, excessive hygiene will reduce endurance, because he is not exposed to various types of bacteria. Children will still be fine playing outdoors like biking, playing kids longboard or skateboarding, jumping rope or even playing sand and playing mud.

Playing mud or dirt outdoors will also help improve cognitive function. Children will feel a variety of different stimulations, such as wet grass, a gust of wind, rough gravel, to dirty mud. As long as the child’s toys do not enter the mouth, playing in a dirty place can increase the child’s immune system or immune system.

What are the benefits to be had if children play dirty?

1. Maintain the Immune System

As explained above, when in contact with faeces, the child’s immune system will respond by forming antibodies. These antibodies can maintain a child’s immune system when one day he is exposed to bacteria or viruses again.

2. Prevent Viruses

Playing dirty prevents the child from coming into contact with parasites, viruses, and bacteria which will increase his risk of having allergies, such as asthma.

3. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Contact with germs early in a child’s life, including animal waste, reduces the risk of heart problems in adulthood.

4. Heal Wounds

Dirt on the skin turned out to contain bacteria that can help heal wounds and cracked heels.

5. Make Children More Relaxed

Playing dirty will remove serotonin in the brain which will cause feelings of relaxation, improve mood, and reduce anxiety.

Playing dirty turns out to have many benefits for children, right? Even so, parents still have to pay attention to how to play children. Do not let the sand or soil in the mouth, yes!