Big Motorcycle Owners Can Try These Tips To Maintain Harley Davidson Motorbikes

Unlike the daily motorbikes that are commonly found on urban roads, Harley Davidson’s big motorcycles tend to demand quite expensive service fees if there are problems that need to be fixed. Therefore, when you have this big motorcycle, you have to pay extra attention. What you must underline, although the Harley Davidson is a high-class motorcycle with a large body and a large engine, daily maintenance was more or less the same as most motorcycles, and for the battery, you really need to choose the best motorcycle battery for harley.

You can try some of our ways to take care of Harley motorcycles:

Preheat the Harley motorcycle engine properly

Before leaving touring out of town, it helps you heat up the big motorcycle first. Even so, the way to heat a big Harley Davidson motorbike is a little different from a motorcycle in general. You are advised to heat it by walking, not just being quiet.

Carried the road here means light drive that does not need to pull the gas too big. For example, just touring the housing complex. With this method of heating, it is believed that the oil track system will work better. When there are no touring plans, you should be diligent in heating them at least once every 2-3 days.

Use high-quality fuel

Harley Davidson’s big motorbike equipped with a fierce engine that carries technology and high quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you fill the fuel in accordance with the available advice. At a minimum, you must use fuel with octane 95 and above so that the combustion process always runs perfectly.

Change oil regularly

Just like any other motorbike, the owner of the big Harley Davidson motorbike is obliged to change the oil regularly according to a predetermined schedule. Usually, every 8000 KM of this big motorcycle must change the oil while doing regular service.

Then, what if you only drive a Harley Davidson at certain moments, such as touring? It remains obligatory to diligently change oil, but the calculation is no longer a distance but a matter of months (depending on oil quality).

If you rarely ride your beloved Harley, make sure to change oil at least two to three times a year, so that old oil does not settle.

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